Hey love your art is awesome, i see your Merida drawing on devian art and i wanna know how you put color, what programe your use for this? Thank you.

Hi, I used Photoshop for that one, started with block of color shapes and start building from there (usually i drew line art first but a bit experimental at that time ^^).
Thanks for the kind words!

An Open Letter to Ang Lee


In an industry becoming more and more reliant on elaborate and demanding visual effects, it goes without saying that VFX artists are the new unsung heroes of film. Just think of the amount of detail that Industrial Light and Magic put into creating a digital New York City leveled by the fighting Chitauri and Avengers. Or the breathtaking panoramas and detail of the tiger Richard Parker created by VFX house Rhythm + Hues in Life of Pi (which won the award for best visual effects at last night’s Academy Awards). 

But Rhythm + Hues, the VFX company responsible for how stunning Life of Pi looked, filed for bankruptcy. During last night’s Oscar ceremony, special effects artists took to the Kodak Theatre to bring awareness to what seems to be a growing problem in Hollywood. Phillip Broste, lead compositor and VFX crewmember of films such as Zombieland and 30 Minutes or Less, has penned an open letter to Ang Lee and to Hollywood, writing about the plight of digital effects artists whose work seem to be continually overlooked.

a must read for anyone who enjoys watching film, because at the very least ‘special effects’ is listed in those films’ end credits.

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